THCa Isolate

When it comes to purity, there’s nothing more pure than our THCa isolate crystalline. THCa is the inactive form of THC which then becomes active when you vape or dab it at high temperatures. The secret to forming THCa is removing all other cannabinoids, fats, terpenes and organic material which allows the THC to stabilize and crystallize.

THCa has anti-inflammatory, neuroprotective and anti-emetic properties as well as anti-proliferative properties reported in many forms of cancer.

When vaped or decarbed, THCa produces a strong, psychoactive high. One preferred use is to mix THCa with other extracts to amplify their effects. Because it lacks terpenes and other cannabinoids, THCa can be dabbed on its own at higher-than-normal temperatures for a more intense experience.

PotencyTHCa levels reaching 99%
EffectsBecause of its purity, THCa can be dabbed at higher temperatures for a more intense and uplifting effect.
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