Vape Cartridges

Vapes have become a popular method of medicating among patients, and it’s easy to see why. They are compact, the smell is unobtrusive, and most patients find a rhythm for using their vape throughout the day or night. We fill our vape carts with either distillate or HTFSE, and these carts then attach to a battery.

Our distillate vape carts come in over fifteen different strain flavors, and are composed of mainly THC distillate and a small amount of terpenes for flavor and effects.

The HTFSE vape carts contain a more broader spectrum of cannabinoids including, but by no means limited to, THC and CBD.

PotencyCan range from 70-97% total THC content, with added cannabinoids in HTFSE vapes.
EffectsVapes deliver a consistent and easily controlled dosage for most patients. Effects can range from sedating, as with many HTFSE vapes, to uplifting and euphoric, as noted with some of our distillate vapes.e
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